Monday, October 29, 2012

you are here(thank you)

Assalamualaikum lovely people. I hope you are enticed by love all around you. So am I:)

How courageous and surprising
For you to come over all by yourself

How at ease you seemed to be
Being it was the first time you talked to me
My parents and my grandparents
and others you have never met

How convincing
How tranquilising
How real
Looking at you with my own eyes
Conversing about myself with you

Thank you for making it simple
As i  hoped it would
Thank you for making it beautiful
As i  hoped it would
Thank you for making it lovely
As i  hoped it would

Though i am more than aware that it won't always be in
simplicity, beauty and happiness between you and me
you've started it the right way.

For His endless love we will strive
He knows best for you to be you or someone else
At least i'm now happy on the fact that
you and I have given our best

Nice to meet you, Mr. Engineer
Till we meet again

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