Saturday, July 28, 2012

In My Dreams

salam 8 ramadhan

it has been a few nights you occupied my dreams
 with promises, hopes, real- felt emotions, heart- stopping declarations, and enchanting sight of your eyes that colored my black and white dreams. 

how many miles would you go by far to never let me go?

how fatal have i wronged you that this memory turns into a spell on me?

how should i demand you to end this absurdity i'm undergoing when it's out of my own hands?

prithee, let me go, i love to set my soul unttached of false hopes

prithee, stop this instant, we have been a year long in separation

prithee, uncry these tears of soul, you are the one and only reason it flows

a dream is not powerful on me. it has never been. thanks to you, dream is now working on me.

me: prey and predator.