Saturday, April 24, 2010

contemplate. words.

salam muhibbah

praise to Allah for the love exists in every corner in the world

you met me
Why did you treat me special?
you greet me
Why must you got to know me?
you are my team mate
Why did i feel you are my soul mate?
I am from Muar
Why is your hometown the same place?
New Zealand is my dreamland
Why did you tell me its yours, too?
I hate to feel important to you
Why on earth you ever told me your other side of life
thus made me feel significant to be someone in the know?
I prefer a vacation in forest than beach
Why did you say you love forest and its greenery scene?
I rejected the Malaysia licensing system
and acquiring one in Acheh only takes a blink of an eye
Why did you offer to send me there?
and made me believe that you truly will
I like to let other win when I talk to them
Why do you always nod with a smile with my arguments?

I grin secretly everytime the thought of you emerges
But try not to look dyingly-happy when I see your face
I act like I do not care enough
But my instinct keeps telling
Ignorance will put me at loss of your love

I hope you treat everyone special
I pray my instinct fools me
I wish I could find many people who pick New Zealand to go to

So you are no longer somebody in my heart
So I no longer think I am somebody to you
So we can just stay as friends
Talk as friends ought to
Think as friends should
Believe as friends would
No more and no less

There is one first love i need to look for
Pledge for
Work for
Love to HIM

p/s: Lord,prithee, Show me what's mine.

Monday, April 5, 2010

every. words.

Salam syukr.
Say your abundant thanks to the Ever- giving Lord. Hamdalah.

Every You, every i.
You give me air,
To breathe Your names in my every breath.

Every You, every i,
You give me energy,
To be zealous to serve You in my every action.

Every You, every i,
You give me hardships,
To test my love and faith as your vicegerent.

Every You, every i,
You grant my prayers,
To evaluate my gratefulness to your gifts.

You then,
Are Lord the Exalted.
You, too,
Are Lord the Giver of Honour and Giver of Dishonour.
Also, You,
Are the Incomparable.

Then do,
guide me, show me, hold me...
To Your door of compassion.
So that I could hold on come whatever may between us
Shall i compare Thou: thee Utmost Love?

Memorize meaningfully, Practice Daily, Love Unconditionally.