Sunday, February 21, 2010

rush. words.


Time's always jealous of me. Or is it only me who'll never get enough of it? Tests, assignments, projects, dates(huhu), events, etc. Most of the times they are exhaustive, yet at the end of the day, behind each and every single occasion which took place lies meaningful lessons. Sometimes the lessons are learnt the bitter way. Nevertheless, its the lesson which values most.

For instance:

Case 1>I lost my ptop ACER Aspire 4530.
Cause> A robber broke into my newly- rented house and got away with it.
Date> A couple of weeks ago.
Time> Around 10 am- 2 pm. Thank God we were not in.
Action> Made a police report with Ema in Police Station Sec 11 and 15.
Action by policeman>None.
Transport> Taxi!!

Case 2> Gas tank in the kitchen stolen.
Cause> The same robber( Each members of the house thinks so) made his way for the second
Date> Last week.
Time> Before Wed. Ema went back with her helpful family for a check and found out about the
second unfortunate event.
Further action> Robbery reported, again.
Further action by policemen> None, again.
Last action> Made a move into a new much secure, more spacious, bigger, cleaner, cooler( i
mean the air circulation inside the house), etc.

Lessons :

Case 1> Nothing is for eternity and nothing's mine. Everything I have is borrowed. Should i be
careless on my "borrowed" properties, they could be taken away anytime, anywhere,
Hikmah> I'll be getting a brand new shiny laptop. Sooner or later.Huhuhu:P

Case 2> An event may not be as catastrophic as it seems. Eventhough we laboured quite a sum
money to settle down in the new place, we all believe its worth it. Our parents are way
satisfied with the new living place. In short words: the tassel is worth the hassle.
Hikmah> We are living in a residential area managed by its Rukun Tetangga per se. Well,
the existence of RT makes us assured of our security esp. The landlord is 100 times
better than the previous one. Owh, and the rental payment is still the same.

Every cloud has its silver lining. And hey, Allah is with ALL of US ALL the TIME. As long as you can keep your faith to Him and keep holding on, you will get through. You will when you believe.